Saturday, December 27, 2008

Overdue Post

I am mad at myself for not keeping up with my posts! I didn't really knit this past quarter while at school, so I didn't really have anything to write about. However, now that I have been back on Christmas break, I worked on a few small projects, and continued on my Vogue Knitting sweater which has proven to be very time consuming. I always was sidetracked by Harry Potter.

Made made two hats from this pattern- a teal one for my sister for Christmas, and here is a yellow one I made for myself and a link to the pattern: Grace Lace Beret

Also, I made an improvised neck warmer for myself. I have been aiming to use up stash yarn this break. I made up this little method to knit toggles and I quite like the outcome.


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Kevin Zeigler said...

These are just wonderful. When are you gonna make me that sweater that you promised me?!? Remember, I was like "hey cool stuff," and you were like " I'll totally make you a neat-o sweater!" and then I said "cool, cool"