Saturday, August 16, 2008

Early Morning

Well, I am up bright and early this morning to go to my State Fair orientation.... training for working the information booth. This year we are getting computers so maybe that will cut down on people who get annoyed if you don't know really obscure things.

So it's my goal to finish the Silver Belle Sweater from the Vogue Knitting Fall 2007 magazine before school starts. Even though I am a fast knitter, it may be somewhat unrealistic, but why not. I've made a quite a bit more progress on the sleeve and could probably finish my first sleeve in a few days.

I made a dumb mistake on the bottom part. I read the cable chart backwards for about an inch. Hm. Oh well, not too noticeable. No way I was going back though, since just an inch took about 5 hours because there were well over 400 stitches in a row.

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Kevin Zeigler said...

Hey! you have a great blog! It makes mine look a little crappy and sloppy! one question if I may?

How are you so awesome? Is it easy being awesome?

hope to see ya soon!