Sunday, August 10, 2008

Visor Beanie Pattern

Well I finished the hat commission! I think it turned out nicely being the first visor I have ever made and all. Here is the pattern!:

Visor Beanie Pattern
­­­This pattern is done in 1×1 ribbing. It’s up to you what kind of color pattern you use. I personally chose to do a rainbow-striped one.


  • D.K. weight yarn
  • US #5 16" circular needles
  • 5 US #5 double-pointed needles
  • Stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle
  • Plastic canvas
  • Sewing pins
  • Embroidery and/or sewing needle
  • Button thread in matching color (to stitch visor in place)
Gauge: 6 sts/in

Calculate Stitches:

For a women’s size, I cast on 126 stitches.If you wish to make a size other than the standard women’s, measure around the thickest part of the head above the ears, then subtract 1” and multiply by gauge (6)

Cast on calculated amount of stitches using tubular cast-on

Work in 1×1 ribbing for 5 inches. (This is the point that you will fold the edge up to creating the cuff after the hat is knit. Here is where you can switch colors if you want the body to be a different color from the cuff.)

Continue in 1×1 ribbing for 4.5 inches (this is for the women’s size, judge to the best of your ability if you think it should be lengthened or shortened)

Now increase or decrease to make number of stitches a multiple of 8 and split number of stitches into 8 even sections and place markers to begin decreases, switch to dp needles when necessary

K2tog before every maker every other row and cont. for 2 inches

Begin K2tog before every marker every row

Bind off when 8 stitches remain

Weave in ends

Using of the plastic canvas, cut 1 visor using the visor template

Fold up the hat so that the edge meets 5 inches in (2.5 inches in length when folded)

Carefully (don’t snag the hat!) tuck in the visor, stretching the ribbing out across (make sure that the edge still lines up at the 5 inches mark above the visor too)

When satisfied, put sewing pins in to hold it in place

Stitch the visor in securely with the button thread. (Personally, I would sew through the yarn, splitting it to make it extra secure.)

Tacking down the rest of the ribbing is optional


Anonymous said...

hum.. if that itsnt one of the cutest hats ive seen i dont know what is!! must make for little bro.

Veronica K. said...

Love this! I've got to get better at knitting, so I can make one of these.

Anonymous said...

SO cute!! I'm going to make my little brother one of these for his 12th b-day...Thanks so much for posting!


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how to get the visor pattern to actual size. There are no measurements. Can you tell me how to print it out the right size?

Karen said...

I've been looking for a pattern like this for weeks! Thanks so much.

thimbleina said...

Great pattern, my little boy loves the hat and would love me to knit it in the same colour way as you did - thanks for the free pattern

Anonymous said...

i have a question how do u decrease a 1x1 i really want to do this hat but im not sure how to decrease it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this pattern. Your contribution is much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Try resizing the print preview to 200% and just printing that one page